The Antioch Initiative is a partnership between Assemblies of God World Missions and North Central University, focused on the Unreached of the World.



"The Antioch Initiative is one of the most compelling and creative aspects of North Central University. NCU has long been a leader in missions education. Our commitment to developing leaders for unreached people groups is precisely the hope behind the Antioch Initiative. Our partnership with AGWM brings a depth and quality of education and training that is unmatched anywhere in the world."
President Scott Hagan, 7th President of North Central University



“Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists need to hear about Jesus’ love and salvation. The Antioch Initiative, with its focus on the unreached of the world, gives students and other believers unique opportunities for training. The opportunity provided for immersion learning is especially encouraging and effective. I am excited about what God is doing through this strategic venture.”
Omar Beiler, Regional Director for Eurasia, Assemblies of God World Missions



"The Antioch Initiative is a strategic partnership between North Central University and Assemblies of God World Mission. Its purpose is to educate, inspire, and engage NCU students toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission among unreached peoples in the Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim religious blocks. The synergy gained from this partnership will change the destinies of both NCU students and those peoples among whom they minister."
Dr. Ron Maddux, Regional Director for Northern Asia, Assemblies of God World Missions



"The Antioch Initiative is an expression of a fundamental core value at North Central University—that the call of God on every student is to participate in the fulfillment of the Great Commission in making disciples of all the nations of the world.”
Dr. Doug Graham, Vice-President of Spiritual Life, North Central University





The Antioch Initiative’s logo is full of meaning! 

The significance of the flame at the top is two-fold. First, it represents the absolute necessity of the Holy Spirit in impacting those unreached with Jesus. We cannot over-emphasize the great importance of the Holy Spirit’s work in pioneer missions. 

Second, the flame also represents believers in the world who carry the presence of Jesus with them. 

The green middle section represents people around the world who are lost, but at least have access to Christ through their proximity to believers. These people matter to God, and the Church must be salt and light to them. Thankfully, they have opportunities to learn about Christ if they desire to do so (which is symbolized by this section’s proximity to the flame).

The bottom green triangle represents the almost 40% of the world which has no access to Christ. These are lost people without an opportunity to hear of Christ’s love unless someone from another people group makes a concerted effort to enter their social spheres. The triangle’s three sides represent the three major blocks of people who are still unreached: Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists. Over 80% of the worlds unreached people groups are connected with one of these three communities. 


The Antioch Initiative is committed to praying for these unreached people groups, training believers to reach them, and sending laborers so that every people group may be represented before God’s throne (Revelation 7:19).